Missouri Freshman Showcase
St. Louis, MO
September 15th



9:00AM - 2:00PM


Chaminade College Preparatory School (Map)


Class of 2028

IMPORTANT: This event is for girls only. If you are interested in our boys' events, please visit prephoops.com/events

The Prep Girls Hoops Missouri Freshman Showcase is HERE!  

The Freshman Showcase is specifically designed as an opportunity for the Class of 2028 to make their introduction to Prep Girls Hoops! Show out against the top prospects in your state in front of Prep Girls Hoops scouts. We are targeting the top 120 players in the class, providing a real opportunity to separate yourselves from one another.

Led by our hand-selected team of experienced event directors, recruitment specialists, and coaches, when you attend the Freshman Showcase, you are attending a showcase backed by seasoned and professional experts with no strings attached. 

The event will be streamed LIVE and stored for future viewing on BallerTV with the purchase of a BallerTV pass.

What's included with your registration?

  • Unparalleled written and social media coverage
  • A chance to compete in front of Prep Girls Hoops Scouts
  • A FREE profile in the Prep Girls Hoops Prospect Index
  • An exclusive Prep Girls Hoops reversible jersey


“Prep Girls Hoops is a great organization dedicated to promoting girls basketball across all levels throughout the US. I have had the pleasure to meet a few of their scouts and sports writers at various events that my daughter has attended, and they are always friendly and professional. As a coach, father, and fan of the sport, I know that it is essential to have a network of people who genuinely care about these kids and reflect them in a professional, truthful, and upbeat manner. Every article I've seen from this organization reinforces that. Yes, this includes their reviews and accolades of my daughter - of which, she works hard to receive. Even their customer support is responsive and friendly. Top-shelf all around! Please keep up the good work!”

Nobel Smith

“This August I decided it was time to get my name on the radar, and it was time to get serious about my basketball career. So there I was on September 16th, 2023 getting ready for my first ever Prep Girls Hoops Top 250 Expo showcase. I live in Minot, North Dakota. I traveled 1200 miles away from home to showcase myself, and It did not disappoint. I want to thank the staff and coaches who came out and worked their butts off to run such a great showcase by filming, doing write-ups, teaching/ helping us player learn knew things, and most importantly making connections with us. This was the first serious basketball event I have attended that has involved college coaches being able to see what you can do. When I play ball I'm not the kid who scores the most points usually, and many people think that's all that matters. No, not at these events. I'm the player who does all the little things like boxing out, setting strong screens, court vision, rebounding against the trees, encouraging my teammates, and lastly, my biggest strength is my ability to hustle my butt off the entire game. By sneaking behind people to get steals, trapping, 94-foot nose-tight defense, doing whatever I can to stop a fast break, and going after every single loose ball there is, those things have been noticed. All I've wanted my entire basketball career has been for the little things I do to pay off. Doing the little things helped me reach my goal by becoming a top performer at the Ohio Top 250 Expo. Thank you PGH for giving me this opportunity.”

Ashlee William

“Prep Girls Hoops has given me an opportunity to showcase my talent in front of college coaches and recruiters. I am blessed to get the exposure that PGH has given me. Thank you Prep Network!”

Maggie Keith

“I would like to send a huge thank you to Prep Girls Hoops as a whole. Throughout my high school career Prep Girls Hoops has done an incredible job of covering not only me but the entire state. Countless write-ups ups, highlights, and articles about the best talent from 5A - 1A. I speak on behalf of all female players from the state when I say thank you for the publicity and coverage! Continue to do great things and continue to change people's lives.”

Emma Christiano

“Thanks again for your coverage. I have loved reading the articles on your site and all of your tweets covering games. Already in the beginning of the season, I can say this is the most exposure/coverage we have seen for girls basketball in our area. It is much appreciated!”

Amanda Kemezys
High School Coach

“The girls showcase my daughter attended definitely exceeded expectations. The staff and coaches were very knowledgeable and professional and the feedback some provided following the showcase was spot on and very much appreciated. Also, my daughter really enjoyed the opportunity to play with other talented girls. Thank you.”

Alain Deleon

“My experience at Prep Girls Hoop 250 Showcase was great! I had lots of fun and got to meet new players. It was very competitive and enjoyable. I also liked being able to play with new teammates and having to adjust to your team, being you don't play with the players you met at the showcase. A showcase I would recommend, lots of talent, competitiveness, and fun!”

Makiya Moore

“This was a great experience! I got to meet and compete against some great individuals. This camp also showed me my strength and weaknesses. I enjoyed myself and would love to do it again!”

Kyshonna Moore

“I had a great time at the Prep Girls Hoop showcase! I loved getting to play and test my skills against other talented athletes. It was well organized, and I will definitely be attending again.”

Brooke Catherine Harding

Event Director

Frank Bennett - Site Director


  • Chaminade Prep

    Ages: Class of 2028

    425 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63131

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Missouri Freshman Showcase

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